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PAIRING: Conrad/Worth
STATUS Unfinished
SUMMARY: Conrad finds a drugged out Worth.
COMMENT: This was kinda based off this image:

Conrad = Blue.
Worth = Me.


Shit, so good. Worth lay on his back, on the floor, staring up at a spot stained ceiling. He felt so far away, so good, so high. Aside from the drugs, there were his own 'natural' drugs, thanks to the slices along his arms, pumped through his veins and his mind. Across from him, the door to his front 'office' was open, and was the only light that shone into the dark backroom.

Conrad scowled, tugging uneasily at the popped collar of his polo shirt and giving his surroundings a wary glance with each step further he took into the dank and infested alleyway. His stomach wrenched uncomfortably in hunger, causing Conrad to bite down on his lower lip in a grimace, single fang nicking the soft flesh - though not hard enough to draw blood. Upon reaching his destination, the pale vampire grasped the old and rusty doorknob, opening the alley door and wincing at the dry groan that it gave. He slipped inside, peering down the small hallway to an open door near the end. He'd really rather not have to go to Worth for food, but given that Hanna was trying to wean him off of bagged blood and towards a fresher food source, Conrad really had no better choice.

"Worth, you in here?" Conrad asked softly, placing a hand against the ajar door and pushing it further open.

Worth heard Conrad, but he made no attempt to let the vampire know that. He didn't care. Even if Conrad waltzed in and stole all his blood bags, he didn't give a fuck. Besides, if Conrad was too pussy to bite someone, he was probably too pussy too to steal. He did glance through the open door, though, watching the other man prance in like a damn fairy. He couldn't help but smirk, it all seemed so hilarious in his chemical cocktail high.

Conrad paused in the doorway, his eyes landing on Worth's sprawled form at the foot of a small cot in the corner of the room. A pang of worry shot through the vampire and he had to force himself not to rush in without thinking. For a moment, he stared, taking in the sight of bloodied arms and a glazed expression on the doctor's face before snorting.

"Some doctor you are." He muttered, hoping his calm demeanor helped to hide the nervousness that was coiling in his gut. Conrad entered the room, shutting the door behind himself and attempting to take a discreet look around in hopes of better understanding the scene before himself.

Next to Worth, besides stained gauze, were bottles of unmarked clear substances, and several used needles sat beside those. He followed Conrad, best he could, with his eyes. They were bloodshot, and hardly blinked. “G'day princess,” he purred and licked his dry lips, “Come in for a bite?”

Conrad stiffened, a small snarl coming to his mouth. He stomped over to Worth's prone form, kicking a few needles out of the way. He stared down at the doctor, eyes scanning the front of the man's dirty and bloodstained tee and skimming a glance over the disaster that made up Worth's arms. "You're a mess." He spat, unsure whether or not to be disgusted at the way his stomach seemed to wrench even more at the smell of Worth's blood.

Worth made a low gargling growl that was probably supposed to be some sort of laugh. “'N yah clean 'n pretty as always, dahlin'. I like yer blouse, fits yah real nice like.” Another chuckling garble before he took in a deep breath, arched his back and sighed, half in pain, half in pleasure. “Do I smell like candy to ya, love?” He opened his eyes part way and grinned like a doped out hyena.

Conrad wrinkled his nose, kneeling down to grab onto Worth's biceps and force the intoxicated man into a sitting position. "You smell like you haven't showered in WEEKS." He retorted with a scowl, grunting under Worth's weight as he tried to pull the doctor up onto the cot. It was the least he could do for the man, since Conrad WOULD be starving without him.

“Wanna help me into--da shower then? Mmm, precious?” He flopped like a rag doll, barely able to hold up his head. “Might clear mah head. Mmm. Yah know. So we can talk business.” Worth rocked and he flexed his arm just enough for the already clotting cuts to reopen again, which he met with a contented sigh. “Blood business.”

Conrad's lips seemed to be permanently formed in a disgusted grimace as he finally got Worth onto the bed, almost toppling over with how the man just flopped lifelessly onto the thin mattress, trapping Conrad's hands for a moment. He shifted the doctor to extract his hands, mulling over whether or not to actually help Worth into the shower or not. He didn't know where the man kept his blood supply, nor did he particularly feel up to searching through the disaster known as Worth's living quarters. Conrad growled low in his throat, reaching up to grab the wrist of Worth's injured arm and move it tenderly away from the rest of the man's body to keep from getting anything gross from Worth's clothes into his wounds.

“Fuck. I ain't onna ya dolls, princess. Can't just toss me around like ya own mah ass.” Worth growled, but it was somewhat sing-song and far off. “Just fucking, get me to the shower.” He grunted and lifted his shirt up, exposing a lean belly, covered in a crosshatch of scars. “I'll get ya something nice tah eat, eh? How's that sound, pup?”

Conrad rolled his eyes, grabbing the hand of Worth's that was trying to pull off the doctor's dirty and bloodstained shirt and forcing it back down. "Keep your shirt on." He grumbled, standing up to peer around the room. His eyes caught sight of the small bathroom door adjacent to the cot and he headed for it.

Opening the door, Conrad let out a noise of disgust - syringes sticking out of the trash, a dirty toilet seat, grime rings around the sink and bathtub and mold starting to form on the piss-yellow shower curtain. Conrad held a hand over his mouth and toed his way past dirty pants and shirts to turn on the faucet, testing the water until it ran warm. Satisfied with the results, Conrad turned around to retrieve Worth from the bed.

“Not everyone is so pussy they shower with clothes on.” He snapped before Conrad left. When the vampire reappeared, he smirked. “Ah. Kitten's hungry tonight, eh?” He chuckled and struggled to a stand, with Conrad's help, of course. He clung onto him as obnoxiously as he could. It all seemed like legit slips of the hand, but Worth's grabs for balance ended dangerously close to Conrad's hips. “Just gonna throw me in then, are ya? Clothes an' all?”

Conrad kept silent, annoyance boiling in his gut, along with some level of longing that came with each whiff he caught of Worth's drying blood. It was like dangling meat in front of a starved animal - essentially - and Conrad was surprised he wasn't doing more than hungrily nibbling on his lower lip. The hand he had under Worth's arm tightened its grip and the vampire lifted Worth higher in his grasp when the Doctor's hands slipped weakly onto his thin hips. They stepped into the bathroom and Conrad used his shoe to knock the toilet lid back down. He pushed Worth onto the closed seat for a moment in order to search the bathroom for a salvageable towel.

Worth tried to work his shirt off again once he was seated. He was like a child in that sense, smack his hand and tell him no and he'd just wait a little while before trying again. By the time Conrad turned around again, he was already tugging it off his head and tossing it to the floor. He grinned up at him, gloating in his small victory.

Worth brushed a finger over a few of the cuts along his arm, smearing the blood. “I am messy, eh? Covered in all this blood 'n all.”

Conrad swallowed thickly, closing his eyes and counting to five before he looked back at Worth. "Its your own fault, you ass." He muttered, setting down the towel he'd found. He motioned to the shower. "Think you can get in on your own?" He wasn't even sure if Worth would be able to stand up long enough to clean himself, but Conrad was trying to be optimistic.

"Mah pants. Ngh." Worth struggled with his belt. He got it out of the first loop, but still reeling the high, he couldn't manage the coordination. He paused, with hands still struggling with the belt, and glanced up at Conrad, head slightly down. “Think ya can 'elp me a bit?”

Conrad's face instantsly contorted into an unamused scowl.. "No." He answered flatly. "You can wear them in the shower for all I care." He pulled back the shower curtain a little more to accentuate his statement. His stomach wrenched hungrily, rolling and grumbling enough for him to try and press a hand complacently against it.

"I'll give ya a taste." Worth shoved his blood smeared arm right in Conrad's face. "Come on, give it a lick. Ya can have more if ya help me out." He struggled with his pants again before huffing. "Don't want th' damn things to stick tah me. Fucking impossible to get off wet."

Conrad jerked his head back, even though all his body wanted to do was lean forward and lap up the blood all over the man's arm. He turned his head away from Worth, but leaned forward to quickly unloop Worth's pants, jerking them out so hard that he pulled the doctor right off the toilet.

“Good thing I dun wear skivvies, eh?” Worth slid his pants down and kicked them off, aiming them towards Conrad. “One less thing ta take off.” He struggled to a stand, swayed, and grabbed onto Conrad for balance. “Oh fuck. Head's swimmin'.”

Conrad, flustered, allowed Worth to clutch to his arm for a moment. He placed a pale hand on the doctor's shoulder to steady him, grunting out, "You okay?" in a soft, barely audible murmur of concern. He didn't want to have the man fall and bust his head open, after all. Conrad couldn't help but skim his eyes over Worth's skinny frame for a moment - mostly assessing the damage that the man had done to himself. If he took a step back to look at Worth from another standpoint, Conrad had to admit that the man was somewhat attractive -- in a grungy, rugged sort of way.

"Pffff. Ya worried 'bout yer dealer there, kitten?" Worth reached out to grab for the metal bar along the inner wall of the shower. It was probably installed just for these situations. He then pulled himself into the shower, 'forgetting' to let go of Conrad, and halfway pulled the man in with him. "Gonna help lather me up?”

Conrad lurched, shin connecting with the top of the tub and sending him falling forward. He flailed, one hand holding tight to Worth and the other reaching out for the wall. His palm pressed against wet tile, giving way and causing the vampire to cry out as he toppled into the shower, pulling Worth down with him. "Fuck!"

Worth only grunted as they tumbled down to the bottom of the shower. The pain was no problem, in fact he barely felt it. But there was Conrad, lying on top of him. “Ah, well if yer that eager to get me on my back, princess, ya could'a warned me first.” He shifted. “I wouldn't be much good ta ya with a broken neck.” And if the situation wasn't awkward enough, Worth wiggled a hand out from under Conrad and sat it on the vampire's lower back.

Had he any actual blood pumping through his veins, Conrad's cheeks would have flushed bright red at their current predicament. He stammered out another curse, reaching behind himself to pull Worth's hand off of of his tailbone and shove it between them once more. Water was sloshing over the both of them from the showerhead, pooling in the lenses of Conrad's glasses and making it hard to see much more than a watery blur of Worth's glazed face. He grabbed the side of the tub, grunting and slipping one leg between Worth's to try and gain leverage to get himself out of the shower. "You fucking ass." He hissed - though deep down the vampire knew it was more of an accident than anything.

“Aw, whatcha crying 'bout now, love? Jus' cos I slip and ya come tumbling down on me like th' man hungry fag ya are, ya call me an ass?” Worth tried his best to give a pouty lip, but his smirk refused to disappear. “Yah hurt me deep, sugar, an' not th' way I like it.”

Worth laughed before leaning back, slightly arching under Conrad. “Gonna help clean me up or na'?”

Conrad shuddered. Worth's body was like a small heater compared to his own and it took sheer will to keep from leaning into his heat. Instead, Conrad hoisted himself out of the tub, peeling off his shirt but leaving his pants on. He draped the shirt over the curtain rod and stared down at Worth with a scowl. "Do you have any shampoo?"

“In th' nook. Can't yah see 'em?” Worth pulled himself up to a sit and pointed up at the bottles of soaps and shampoos tucked into a little built-in shelf in the shower wall. Worth eyed Conrad's half naked body with great interest in his eyes, perhaps exaggerating it to purposefully make the vampire uneasy. “Mm. Pretty nice chest ya have there, for a fairy. Expected ya a bit more,” he rolled his wrist in thought, “soft?”

Conrad huffed, his thin shoulders rising and falling with the action as he reached into the shower to grab the nearest bottle, squinting down at the lable and taking his wet glasses off so he could bring it close to his face to read. "Right." He muttered, uncapping the cheap shampoo and giving it a cursory sniff. Conrad knelt down next to the tub, motioning for Worth to lean his head forward.

The thing with Worth was that the more he was ignored, the more he'd try and pry for a response. “Ya should be a pro at this. Fags are good with hair.” He leaned his head over, one arm resting on the side of the tub, rubbing open his fresh scabs and smearing a fine layer of blood along the edge.

Conrad's scowl deepened and he all but smacked a handful of shampoo onto Worth's head, scrubbing violently. Suds lathered up and slid down Worth's face, but the vampire ignored it in lieu of pushing Worth back under the flow of the showerhead.

“Gettin' rough on me again?” Worth chuckled and wiped the soap away from his eyes. “Am I too dirty for ya, princess? Gotta scrub me up good before ya try to get me on mah back again?”

Shut up." Conrad groused, rinsing his hands off under the shower spray. There didn't seem to be any conditioner - Conrad doubted Worth cared THAT much for his hygeine - but there was a green bar of soap sitting on the floor of the tub. He grabbed it up, rubbing the bar between his hands to work up a lather and then grabbing Worth's arm, quickly soaping it up and then moving to the man's other arm, not really caring whether he got soap in the doctor's wounds, Conrad made quick work of Worth's bloody appendage before continuing to the rest of his torso. Conrad ran the soap over Worth's biceps, shoulders, clavicle and chest. It was somewhat mechanical - as long as Conrad didn't think about what he was doing, it wouldn't bother him as much as it should.

He couldn't help but let his fingers linger over some of the scars.

Worth moaned deep and low as the soap burned into his cuts. His fingers twitched for want of a scalpel, razor, something, anything to make more cuts. His breath quickened and he shifted somewhat uneasily, as if he were a teased teenager. Without any conscious thought to it, Worth reached over and dug dirty fingernails into a section of cuts, tearing them open again. “Mmm. Fuck yeah.”

Conrad froze in the middle of trying to maneuver the shower head into rinsing the soap off when he heard Worth moan. Glancing back to the doctor, Conrad's eyes widened and then narrowed. "Hey-hey!" He barked, grabbing Worth's good wrist and pulling it away from his injured arm. The guttural sound that had come from the other man had been enough for Conrad to feel slightly uncomfortable, given that he usually only heard such wanton noises in X rated videos on the internet. He grabbed Worth's bloody arm, holding it under the spray to try and clean off the fresh blood, mouth salivating at the mere scent. "You're fucking crazy." He muttered, bringing the injured appendage closer for inspection. The instant he did so, however, Conrad wished he hadn't. The scent hit him full force and Conrad had to stifle a groan, fingers tightening their grasp on Worth's arm. "Fuck." He hissed, dropping the doctor's hand as if he had been burned.

Worth arched again, practically thrusting his hips at the mix of the stinging cuts and Conrad's tight hold on his arm. He sighed and fell back with crushing disappointment when Conrad let go of his arm. “What's this then, precious? You look nervous. Scared of a bit of blood now?” He shoved his bleeding wrist in Conrad's face, brushing a bit of watered down blood on his lip. “Come on. Have a taste, kitten,” he said with great intensity in his eyes. He grinned, wide and sinister, perfectly aware of what he was doing.

Conrad stiffened, reflexively licking the moisture off of his lips without thinking, recoiling at the taste. It was like torturing him with a sample the sweetest nectar on earth. Conrad's mouth and lips tingled and he reached out to grab Worth's hand, pulling it closer to himself and pressing his mouth to one of the many open wounds, suckling it for a moment and letting out a moan of pure delight.

Realizing what he was doing, Conrad's eyes snapped open from their euphorically shut position, trying to pull away from Worth's arm but finding himself unable to. Instead, he hovered his lips over a gash, eyes darting up to connect with Worth's.

“Nn. Yes. Yessss,” Worth hissed as he pressed his wrist so hard against Conrad's mouth that it hit his teeth. He stared Conrad straight in the eyes with an expression that could only be translated as 'fuck me'. He licked his own lips as he leaned in and murred, “Go on, darlin', take a bite.” He wriggled uneasily in the tub, and his free hand snaked down his wet naked belly and he grabbed his hardening cock, squeezing it as he kept his eyes on Conrad.

Normally, Conrad would have recoiled the very second Worth's other hand had slipped downwards. Instead, it only sent a surge of desire through the vampire. His lips parted over the wound, lapping at it before he glanced at Worth one last time and bit down gently into the already open wound. Blood pooled around his fang and slid down his throat, a deliciously exotic flavor that drew a small noise from Conrad as he instinctively bit down harder, sucking lightly. Both hands clutched to Worth's arm, Conrad's eyes shut in pleasure at the taste of Worth's warm blood filling his mouth.

“Ffffuck. Nnnn,” Worth bit his lip and pumped his hand up and down on his growing cock. The water made it slick and easy. “Harder, ya fuckin' pansy,” he growled between panting. “This ain't no tea party. Fucking bite me. Mmm, yeah, make it hurt for days.” His head rolled back slightly just at the thought of being battered and bruised by the vampire. Yes, he wanted that to happen.

Conrad tried to ignore the sounds of water sloshing as Worth started to jerk himself off. He was more focused on the buzz that he was getting from the man's blood. He gnashed his teeth just slightly, tearing at the skin to increase the flow, sucking the blood down greedily. He was already turned on more than he was comfortable with, and the noises that Worth was making weren't helping with the stirring in his groin.

Worth slid his hand off his own cock and snaked it down over the edge of the tub and cupped the bulge between Conrad's legs. “Feels like yah gettin' a bit excited, pumpkin.” He rubbed a little harder before lifting up to start to mess with Conrad's belt, trying to work it off. “Ya like suckin' on anoth' man, do yah?” He purred and leaned in, licking along Conrad's fingers. “I bet ya'd love to do more than that, mmm, wouldn't ya?”

Conrad bucked his hips into Worth's hand involuntarily, teeth scraping the inside of the wound and tearing it open further, blood rushing into his mouth. He gargled a moan out, brows furrowing over shut eyes. Conrad was in such a state of euphoria that it was hard to concentrate on what Worth was saying and the man's warm grasp on his crotch wasn't helping the matter, either.

Worth shuddered, hard, his whole body shaking with a delicious mix of pain and pleasure. Getting Conrad's pants undone was much easier than his own, and it wasn't before long he had the vampires cock out, and his wet fingers curled around it. He pumped slowly, almost teasingly, rocking in place as his own cock ached for a touch more than just the hot water.

Conrad whipped his head back with a moan, fang coming out of Worth's skin with a wet sucking sound as he arched into the other man's touch. "Ah- fuck. wh- what the hell?" He hissed blearily, too caught up in a haze of bloodlust to do much more than drop his forehead onto Worth's bloody arm and gasp for air as droplets of blood fell from his lips. His grip on Worth's arm was fierce, reddening the skin of the man's wrist and elbow. He slowly tilted his head back up, pressing his lips to Worth's injuries in an almost-kiss and lapping at the dribbling blood with a groan.

Worth jerked his arm away from Conrad, but kept his hand on his cock. “Ah. Ya fuckin' leech. Think ya gonna get it all for free now do ya? Mmm.” He strummed his fingers along Conrad's hot, wet length. “Ya do want more, eh? Mmm? Yes?” He murred and lifted up his bleeding wrist, running his tongue along it, tasting his own blood. “Fuck me,” he growled softly and glanced sideways at the vampire.
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please finish this. i beg you. it's just torture.
I can't wait to see this finished. It actually really good and I love it.
Please please PLEASE finish the story!